Increase in UK Visa Cost for Indians, and Non-Eu Migrants

January 10, 2019
Presently there is an increase in the immigration health surcharge, which makes the UK visa costly for non-EU nationals and citizens of India. It is payable when the applicants seek the UK visa.

Facts and features

This was introduced in 2015 enabling the migrants to get access to the National Health Service while they stayed in the Kingdom. So far it has raised £600 million from the migrants from UK visa holders for more than six months.

No Conspiracy in Hong Kong's Visa Denials - Director of Immigration

The present increase is from £200 to £400 per year. Moreover, the discounted rate for students and persons availing the Youth Mobility Scheme increased from £150 to £300. The new migrants who seek UK visa have to pay this surcharge.

Affects many persons

This affects all migrants of all categories like the family members, professionals, and students, who move to the UK. This increase has faced opposition from the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. They have recommended regarding its abolition to the Home Secretary- Sajid Javid. Immigrants achieving the status of permanent residents after completing a legal stay in the Kingdom need not pay it.

Estimated increase 

After this announcement, the estimated increase is £220 million in additional funding for the NHS. Moreover, after paying this surcharge, the UK immigrant, who works or, studies for six months, can avail the NHS services similar to the UK citizens.

There is a charge for secondary care treatment payable to the NHS at the point of access to Short-term migrants and visit visa holders.

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