India and Canada should work for better business ties

August 14, 2014

CAN+ program - VisaReporter News

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper said that the relationship between India and Canada was well built than ever before, and both the countries should put efforts to overcome the difficulties that obstruct mutual investment and trade.

Harper said that at present over 85 percent of Indian applicants are approved of permanent residency. Moreover, the applicants do not require to wait for long duration as the processing times for recent applications is brought under one year.

Canadian government has issued over 14,000 students visas to Indian applicants, and as the government has simplified the process for qualifying under permanent residency, it would attract more number of Indian students to come into Canada and contribute to its economic growth, he added.

Referring to the changes in the visitor visa, the minister said the government has introduced CAN+ program, which has 95 percent success rate facilitating more number of Indians to enter Canada as tourists and to perform business.

India is the major source of immigrants for Canada. Indo-Canadian community, which has a rich and proud heritage, is over 1.2 million and continues to grow, the minister added.

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