India and China, Replaces Mexico as Top-Notch United States Immigrant Origin Nations

May 09, 2015
China and India to replace Mexico as finest United States Immigrant source Nations

As per the new immigration data of the country, China has replaced the position of Mexico as the renowned and top-notch United States immigrant origin. US census Bureau recorded 1,201,000 overseas individuals in the 2013 American Community Survey conducted by it. Of those, over 129,000 have come from India, 125,000 from Mexico and 147,000 immigrants from China. Furthermore, the previous year immigration of Mexicans (125, 00) topped the immigration of Chinese (124,000)

According to one of the well-known Statistician/Demographer, Eric Jensen the count of overseas individuals emigrating from Mexico is being decreasing gradually and the figure of skilled professionals immigrating to the United States from China and India is surging slowly. Jensen further added that in the year 2000, over 41.2% all the foreign-born migrants were Hispanic. However, by the year end of 2009, the count has slowly fallen to 30.1%, and the rate of migration for foreign-born as well as non-Hispanic Asian grew to around 34.75. 

Asian Americans encompass the rapid growing racial cohort in the United States at 2.9%, with the overall population of just 20 million. According to the respective professionals, immigration plays a key role in increasing the country and in holding a good position in the global market. During the year 2012-13 this world-class destination has accounted 61% of the Asian population. And the anticipated 74% of the adults from Asia in the year 2012 were of foreign born. On the other hand, the population of Hispanic is growing gradually at the rate of birth accounting to around 78%.

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