India, China and Britain accounts for half of the 457 work visa holders

July 06, 2015
Indians accounts for more number of 457 work visa holders

Despite the high level of domestic unemployment in Australia, there are 1.5 million temporary migrants ranging students, tourists and 457 visa holders as per the immigration department – are allowed to right to work in Australia.

With the Indians, Chinese and Britain’s flocking with the applications for 457 working visa have contributed to a rise of 15 percent in a year.

It is said that, foreign workers around one in every fifty persons employed as technicians, tradesmen, mining workers, hospitality staff and various professionals in Australia are hired to work on a 457 work visa. Foreign workers also account one in twenty workers in Australia’s information technology on a short –term contract.

According to the latest data provided by immigration department , the number of people receiving 457 work visa applications have reached to 40,870 in the nine months to the march of this year from 35,440 of the last year, which is a 15 percent increase compare to the last year.

Half of the applicants for work visa are from India, china and Britain. Foreign students and backpackers are being accounted for more than a quarter of 457 work visas granted this year so far.

Temporary work visa (subclass 457) given to those skilled workers to come Australia and work for a period up to four years in an approved business.

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