India stood at second place in sending overseas students to the US

February 10, 2016
According to the US Deputy Ambassador, Michael Pelletier, students from India are welcome to study in the US. India is the second major sender of overseas students to the US.

Answering to the query related to the matter of students from India being extradited from the US, he informed that the students were turn around and not extradited.

India stood at second place in sending overseas students to the US

As per the senior official from the US embassy, there was no major issue involved with students from India and also stated that every case should be viewed differently.

Michael Pelletier also said that every student is an individual case, when the student applies for entry in the US, the officials ask them about the reason, they would take a look at their visa and supporting documents as well. If any student’s purpose is not correctly aligned with the visa, then they might have granted, or they might not admit them. The immigration officer would look at every individual who had applied for the entry in the US.

He goes on telling that there are around 1,30,000 students who are pursuing education in the US and they are contributing into the economy of the US. The embassy works with the local government, External Affairs Ministry along with the Homeland Security Department of the US to figure out the matter.

The official from the US said that those students who are seeking to pursue education in the US shall follow the process and should also complete the entire paperwork.

According to him, every case is different from the other, and the US welcomes the bonafide students to the US.  Those students who seek to visit and study it the US might take the advantage of the education USA resources. The students should posses correct purpose, correct documents and correct papers for supporting to study in the US. The education USA shows the process with five steps that the students should read and if followed, they receive relevant information and they might not get any difficulty.   

He also added that the students who have been turned around could apply again, but it would be a lengthy and costly process.

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