India stood third in terms of biggest student market in London

October 27, 2015
According to the recent report, India is behind China and the US in terms of largest overseas student market in London. 

Foreign students who are pursuing education at the universities of London previous year provided around 3 billion pounds enhancement to the economy of the UK and also help supporting almost 37,000 jobs.

Students from India spent almost 130 million pounds in the year 2013-14 when compared to the 407 million pounds by the Chinese students and 217 million pounds by the US students. Out of the 130 million, Indian students spend around 43% which is 56 million pounds on fees for tuition, also spends 74 million pounds on survival and spend less than one percent on friends and relatives visits.

India is the third biggest market for students in London

The report also noticed that the number of students from China has also increased by 49% since the year 2009-10, but the Indian students rate has been continuously decreasing by 11% year per year.

According to the report, the fall in the Indian student numbers started in the year 2009-10, followed by a strong expansion of population of the Indian students that takes place in the year 2004-2005 and 2009-10. 

The other countries who are in top 10 list are Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, France, Nigeria, Malaysia, whose students are currently studying in London.

According to the London Mayor, the reason behind thousand of students from across the world are attracted towards London is that it is having some of the world’s best universities.

In the year 2013-14, London recorded around 13,460 students from China, 6440 students from the US and 4790 students from India who study in London and were among 1,06,000 foreign students.

US students contributed the highest per capita, and they spend almost 34,000 pounds on an average every year while the average spending of the students from European countries were 23,600 each year.

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