Indian-born migrants in the UK earns high wages

July 22, 2015
Indians in The UK are among the highest earners compare to the countries of Eastern Europe and other South Asian countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

According to the research, by migration watch The UK, suggests that employment levels and wages shows wide variation among the groups of migrants from different countries. Some regions show strong economic characteristics while compared to those born in the United Kingdom and regions with weak characteristics.

The reports suggest migrants from western India, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe have the higher rates of economic characteristics earning high wages and a lower rate of benefits claims.

Indians in the UK had higher economic opportunities

Contrastingly, migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh had lower employment characteristics with low wages and high rates of benefits claims.

Migrants from Eastern Europe has a high rate of employment combined with low wages and high benefits claims.

Indian-born migrants in the UK makes 700,000, which is slightly higher than the combined population of Pakistan and Bangladesh with a population of 650,000. But, still Indian born earns much higher wages compared to the other countries.

Indians exhibit very strong economic characteristics- earning a high rate of wages and claiming low benefits, says migration watch UK.

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of Migration Watch, said the analysis shows that all the immigration to the UK was not entirely beneficial could be right.

“This is the clear message that immigration attracting brightest talent has clearly failed, as a large number of migrants earning more or less than the British-born. So, it is necessary that immigration should be restricted while allowing the immigration that country really needs” he said.

According to research Indians, constitutes half the 1.5 million migrants from Western Europe earning the similar rate of wages with same age distribution. Though men earn slightly higher and women slightly lower than their counterparts.

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