Indian firms dominate in the use of H-1B visa

July 31, 2015
Indian firms dominate in the use of H-1B visa

According to new data, Indian outsourcing firms are the largest users of H-1B visas approvals in computer related jobs, appears to be unperturbed by the odds created with visa lottery.

Except the few technological firms—such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon that is located in the USA.  The top 25 firms issuing H-1B visas are either based in US or India that runs large scale offshore operations.

Out of all the companies using H-1B visas, an Indian company TCS is the leading H-1B visa user with approved visa petitions totaled 7,149 in the last year. Also, Infosys ranked third in the list has about 4,000 H-1B approved visas.

Top 10 Companies H1-B visa approvals

The IT service oriented firms of the top 25 listed H-1B using firms accounts nearly 43 percentage of the total 76,272 H-1B visa approvals in computer-related jobs in the fiscal year 2014.

The United States has been distributing the annually allotted 85,000 H-1B visas through lottery system due to high demand. This lottery system is being worked against the many United States tech firms, because the large-scale firms file a multiple number of H-1B visa applications in order to beat the competition, Thus jeopardizing the chances for small industry firms to win in the lottery.

Computer-related jobs in the last fiscal year make up 64 percent of the visas issued. Other employment categories include engineering, science, medicine, law and modeling.

Use of H-1B visa as an offshore employment vehicle had not foreseen when the law was created 25 years ago. But, the clever use of H-1 B visa has become a “system for displacing American workers”, said Morrison.

The data provided is only for computer-related jobs in the fiscal year of 2014.

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