Indian IT sector seeks L-1 visa clarity from US

January 23, 2015
IT in India is expectant of U.S. L-1 visa reforms

During Obama’s weekend visit to India, the country’s IT industry is planning to ask for more clarifications from the Obama government regarding its visa norms and totalisation pact. This agreement on totalisation between the two nations has long been sought after by the IT sector. It will be beneficial to Indian workers in the U.S. as it would give them an opportunity to bring back their contributions towards the U.S. social security system, on their homecoming.

Indian IT workers posted in the U.S. on a temporary basis pay approximately 1 billion dollars annually towards the social security. However, they don’t stay long enough to reap its benefits. This agreement by U.S. has been extended to 25 nations which included Australia, UK, South Korea and Japan. Nasscom President, R Chandrashekhar expressed his concern over Indians in U.S. who pay social security tax without staying there to enjoy the benefits.

Nasscom would also focus on issues related to rectifications in immigration laws and clarity on L-1 visas which deals with transfers within the company. Chandrashekhar was hopeful that the Bill which is about to lapse in September is not renewed. The Bill deals with extra costs on visas which funded the U.S. border security. 

Obama had eased out H-1B visa rules in November but the final visa guidance on L-1 category was still impending. Chandrashekhar saw a great chance for Indian businesses to join hands with the U.S. and added that the Indian government’s insistence on ‘’Digital India’’ and ‘’ Make in India’’ drives were opportunities for American companies to have tie-ups with India.
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