Indian Migrants Struggling Because of UK Immigration Policies

May 30, 2018

Indian doctors make up a majority of Great Britain’s National Health Service but hundreds of those who were recruited in the past six months because UK Home Office is receiving a tremendously high number of tier 2 visa applications received from UK Home Office. Theresa May, former Home Secretary, implemented monthly and yearly cap in 2011 but didn’t think about the circumstances if the limit is crossed. The threshold was crossed only once in June 2015 when UK Home Office rejected 66 visa applications.

Indian Migrants Struggling Because of UK Immigration Policies

Dr. Ramesh Mehta, founder, and president, British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, said that Indian immigrants have a positive image in the country. Every year very huge number of Indian doctors apply for UK Tier 2 visa, but because of visa shortage problem, many are unable to come to the UK despite being recruited by NHS. It is very disappointing for Indian medical professionals and the NHS. Campaign for Science and Engineering revealed that between December 2017 and March 2018, around 6080 visa applications were rejected, most of them were from India. In those1518 visa applications that denied were from doctors only.

The figure reveals problem and urgency to find a solution. Business and public services across the United Kingdom are stopped from recruiting people at the very last point. It leaves British employers frustrated and public policy poorly served.

Employment of local employees

Rather than accepting the fact that their immigration policies are hostile, the UK government is emphasizing on the fact that they are doing this to make sure local employees get jobs and aren't considered before skilled immigrants. A spokesperson for the UK Home Office said that it is essential that the UK immigration system works in the national interest, making sure that employers look into the UK local resident labor first before recruiting skilled professionals from foreign countries.

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