Indian PM Seeks Help from Indo-Americans to Boost Tourism to India

September 24, 2019
PM Modi has urged Indian Americans to help in boosting tourism in India and bring five non-Indian families to the country. He was addressing the community reception conducted by the group titled Texas India Foundation.

Indian PM Wants the Indo-Americans for Help in Boosting Tourism to India

Interested in boost to tourism

He asked Indians to do a small work by promising to bring five non-Indian families to India. He was all praise for the Indo-American community, and said they are at the foundation for building a bright future for strong mutual ties. There was a visit to the Gandhi museum which will serve as an esteemed cultural landmark of Houston. It will attract the youth and also make Gandhiji popular among them.

Speaking at the Howdy Modi occurrence, Modi also stated that the situation was fine in India and he said that in diverse Indian languages. He also stressed on the diversity of Indian food habits, culture and languages. There was a unity in diversity that makes India a unique nation and gives strength to it. A vibrant democracy works as the foundation, and inspires the countrymen. 

Indian community is revolutionizing technology 

President Trump also praised the Indo-American community for its role in revolutionizing technology. Indian Americans were helping to revolutionize technology and were changing the world besides improving lives. At present many Indians are working at top American firms and both the countries aim to work together for creating a progressive technology that benefits millions. He also signaled his support in legal immigration, and said that in June that he proposes to change the H-1B visa system favoring professionals and ensuring certainty added with path to citizenship for the visa holders. Furthermore, there will be changes soon for H-1B holders in the U.S. that will bring simplicity and certainty to their stay. There will be encouragement to talented and top skilled persons for pursuing career options in the country.

Indians are a major beneficiary

Indians benefit from the temporary H1-B visas, and last year 76 percent of these were taken by Indian professionals as suggested by government statistics.

Restrictive H-1B visas are a concern for India and it has taken it up as a trade- issue with USA. The importance of the event is that it strengthened the bond between the two countries in a big way.

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