Indian restaurant owners in the UK asks for one year visa for chefs

April 25, 2016
Indian eatery owners all over the UK has prepared  document based on 75 pages urging the UK government for starting a one year visa so that they could call on chefs from India for keeping their business on the run.

Indian restaurant owners in the UK asks for one year visa for chefs

The file has been sent to the UK PM, David Cameron and Theresa May, UK Home Secretary and to Priti Patel who is the UK employment Minister.

According to the eatery owners, they had planned a scheme for provisional job visa to call on the experienced chefs from non EU nations.  They had asked the UK government for helping the industry and also suggest making the laws for bringing in the chefs to the UK from overseas.

They had asked the UK government to start a short term visa, where the worker needs to leave the nation after completing its term. There wont be any burden on the welfare system or the taxpayers.

The food joint owners are having fear that unless the UK government does not take step that makes easy for bringing in the chefs from non EU nations, around 12,000 takeaways and restaurants in the UK might had to close.

According to the UK Home Office,  they continue to invite experienced chefs who promote authentic and innovative cuisine in the UK and they are on the list of shortage occupations.  UK wants to nuture much this talent and motivates youth who seek to pursue skilled career.

Home Office also said that it means that the sector of restaurant is providing training to lure and hire resident employees for meeting their staffing requirements. The industry is beginning to make development in this regard, employing and training many chef in the UK and this requires to be continued.

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