Indian students get the benefit from a refined UK post-study visa

March 18, 2019
Indian students will benefit from a post-study visa regime that is a part of a new International Education Strategy of the UK government.

Indian students get the benefit from a refined UK post-study visa

The details

The strategy aims to increase the strength of global students in higher education from across the world who opt to study in the Kingdom. The aim is to achieve the figure of 600,000 each year, by 2030, from the present level of 460,000.

Indian students have a major share among the applicants from outside the EU. Moreover, they are sensitive to the option of post-study work to gain work experience after completing their degree courses.

The new strategy offers undergraduate and Masters’ students a chance for staying in the UK and also to look for work for six months after completing their graduation.

Vivienne Stern, Director of the Universities UK International, said that the Indian students are ambitious in their career path and the UK welcomes their focus on employability in the education strategy.

A new target

The target of international students is set at 600,000, which sends a clear message to all the global students to arrive here. Furthermore, in the plan, undergraduate and Masters’ students will get three months duration before graduation in which they can find work. Moreover, they can change the status from the study visa to work visa. Presently, this switching process is extremely complex. Furthermore, the Ph.D. students can stay in the Kingdom, for one year for finding work after graduation. Also, they will have three months before graduation in which they can find work and change their visa status. Additionally, for students from outside the UK, the period is two years after graduation to switch to the work visa.

Many changes in the scenario

The cause of withdrawing the Post-Study Work Visa was the decline in international recruitment in the UK from major markets, including India. There was a steep decline between 2010-11 and 2016-17, in the strength seekers of higher education from India. Presently, experts feel that Canada attracts more Indian students than in the UK.

Furthermore, during 2018, Indian students had a 35 percent increase in the visa numbers touching the mark of 19,505. In comparison, the strength of China was 99,723.

The UK is set to leave the EU and there is a need to reach out to the global partners. The goal is to maximize the potential of assets.  Education offers an ideal asset to it. The education exports can see growth, and the international economic department is ready to engage and support the growth of global activity.


The annual increase of 30 percent among international students, by 2030 will help in income generation through education exports to £35 billion. Also, the new strategy has focused on retaining existing markets in Europe. It will also raise the profile in other markets like Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The government intends to appoint an International Education Champion to take care of overseas activity and have major partnerships.

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