Indian Students Turn Away From US and UK Business Schools

March 22, 2017

When students from India leave their native country to study in the United States, they do so having the best schools in the United States in mind. Take a young 23-year old Urvi Bhandare for instance. She had the desire to leave her country and go to the United States of America to live her dreams of studying to become a consultant. But such dreams are usually met with scepticism and naysayers who try to dissuade you from chasing them. Urvi’s case was no different.

Friends and family members who had been to the land of opportunity (the United States) and seen firsthand the stress it took to get into the country, secure a job and a work permit.

They told her it was a fool’s dream, and that she should instead consider her options. She then turned her attention to the United States’ neighbour, Canada. The University of Toronto’s school of management was her choice of school.

“The country has a diverse array of culture and cultural heritage. It’s welcoming, and I could see myself working long term in this beautiful country.

Prestigious business schools all across the country prize Indian scholars high above most students from other nations because they are of higher intellectual standard. Various government across the globe prize Indian students high from an economic standpoint as they happen to be a source of useful labour.

Information from universities show that students from India stay back in the country to work more than any other students from foreign countries, and that is of high importance to the most government.

Recently, however, educational institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom are now bypassed by students from India, as they now see the shores of Canada as a more viable option for them in the long run.

The choice of an educational institution was made by Urvi long before Current president Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for the presidency, and long before he chose who his running mate would be.

The fear of being ostracised due to his fervent stand on his immigration policies should he eventually win, drove her to overlook the united states.

The permit system in Canada gives MBA students the privilege to work in the country even up to three years after they must have completed their study.

The H1-B permits in the United States have a lifespan of three years, but must be supported by a hiring company in the country.

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