Indians and Chinese are outpacing Mexican immigration in the United States

July 25, 2015
There is a big shift for the first time in the decades of United States history of immigration, Asian countries India and China beats the Latin American country Mexico to become top source for immigrants to the United States.

India and china beats Mexican immigration in the United States

Even though, the Latino immigrants have the largest share of the overall immigrant population in the US. The recent growing number of Asians has bypassed the Latino immigrants, with the later experienced a continuous decline in their total figure in the United States.

The trends suggest that immigrant communities in the south region are experiencing a dramatic rise since the 1990s. In general, immigration from Mexico and southern America’s including Latin America and Central America makes a large number of immigrants to the south region in each year. But, in recent times the south region also receiving a large number of Asian immigrants coming every year.

India and china is a major source of immigration to the United States

The states such as North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia have emerged as strong magnets pulling the overall Asian immigrants outpacing Latin American immigration. In 2013, Immigrants from India and China were also more than those from the state Mexico.

And the other southern states like Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina and Alabama have also become new destinations for immigrants.

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