Indo - US groups calls for campaign on the immigration issues

October 08, 2015
The Indo-US groups had called for campaign on the issues of immigration that are affecting Indian community which also includes usage of H-1B visa by the Indian technology companies and also the growth of family visa backlogs.

The call for the campaign was made at a recently held seminar in New York. The participants also urged that the grass root actions are also required for supporting the President Obama’s actions that was announced in the month of November 2014.

Call for campaign on immigration issue by Indo - US groups

While the immigration reform seems to get slow down. President Obama’s actions are slowly designed which are aiming at enhancing the overall system of immigration law.

Many participants hoped that the backlogs for Indian citizens in many visa categories might be minimized in fair manner.

The backlogs have resulted in family separations for long time periods despite of major tenets which are under the US law of immigration which is being family unity.

The seminar noted that the work visas for specialty occupation and the non immigrant professional under H-1B continues to be examined heavily by the agencies such as Homeland Security of the US, State Department and the Department of Labour. It also noted that the H-1B visa users are largely being used by the Indian technology companies.

It also suggested that efforts shall be made for helping the government to make understand that India is not the only country that uses these visas. Several issues were raised like exclusion of India from the category of Treaty Trader and Treaty Investment for the purpose of immigration visa.

It was also noted that many countries have E-visas but it is not clear why India does not have this facility. They came to a solution that campaigns on these should be done.

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