Indonesia and Russia to implement reciprocal basis visa-free arrangement

February 23, 2015
Reciprocal basis visa-free arrangement between Indonesia and Russia

The existing government of Indonesia is anticipating Russia to employ visa-free arrangement between both the nations on reciprocal basis to surge their bilateral tourism sector and advance the mutual connectivity between their people. 

By considering the features of security, advantages and reciprocity, new visa-free facility plan has been put forth, according to Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ibnu Hadi.

Earlier, Russia had implemented the visa negotiation arrangement with Thailand. Thus, the Indonesian government is also anticipating to have the same reciprocal scheme between them, added the Foreign ministry. 

Earlier in January 2015, the Indonesian government had waived the visa rules and regulations for tourists of countries such as Japan, China, Australian, Russia and South Korea who wish to visit the nation for sightseeing. 

Hadi further added that Russia is one among the top 20 developed nations which play a key role in surging the tourism sector of Indonesia. 

As per the statistics, it was found that during the year 2013 around 93,622 Russian tourists visited the country. And during the year 2014, around 72,000 travelers of Russia toured to Bali Island, said the sources. They further added that on an average, nearly 4,000 to 5,000 tourists of Russia visit Indonesia per month. 

The concerned officials of the country have also added that they are also planning to implement the same visa-free facility for few others developed nations such as China, Australia, Russia, Japan and South Korea in the coming months. 

Globally, Indonesia has recorded around 9,435,411 travelers in 2014 and promoting the tourism sector of the country is the main intention of their economic diplomats, proclaimed President Joko Widodo.

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