International students in Netherlands can apply for year long residence permit

February 27, 2016
It was announced that the modification in the permit rules in Netherlands would provide foreign students more time to apply for yearlong residence permit through the Orientation Year Permit, after graduation.

International students in Netherlands can apply for year long residence permit

Under the latest rules, that are going to be implemented shortly, graduates would now be able to apply for permit within three of their graduation from the Dutch or leading foreign institution, rather than the current one year.

The changes in the policy would make it easy for the PhD and master students to do the job without requiring a permit during their Orientation Year.

This decision is being welcomed by the experts, and they are saying that extended time to obtain the permit is great news for foreign students. The foreign students now don’t need to decide suddenly after the completion of their education but from now they would get some time to search for a job and start doing the work.

The Orientation Year permit presently exists in two streams, for graduate of Ph.D. or master programs in Netherlands or from the leading ranked universities abroad, and another stream is for those who are graduating with any degree from a Dutch University.

These streams would be mixed as the outcome of reforms, and the latest group would be qualified that includes scientists who do research in Netherlands, graduates of master program from Erasmus Mundrus Course, graduates of cultural studies and graduates who are educated through the foreign affairs development aid program of Netherlands. 

Also as part of the latest rules, it would no longer be necessary for the graduates to apply for the work permit during this Orientation Year.

Till now the students had to find a job without the work permit which was making it difficult for them to find the job.

It is expected that the changes would assist attract foreign students to study in Netherlands. This is the good forecast of future foreign students visiting the Netherlands and students who are looking to start their career in the nation.
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