Irish Foreign Minister is concerned about new job first rules for J-1 students

November 13, 2015
Under the hard-bitten immigration regime in the US, the full-time university and college students would have to submit the job papers before they could apply for the special summer visa.

Irish Foreign Minister, Charlie Flanagan, said that the tough rules might prove a bit challenging for many and would also hit the number of students who go for studying in the US.

The new Job first J-1 visa rules for students might effect on numbers who travels

Ireland sent around 7,000 J-1 students to the US previous year; this is the highest from any country in the world.

Foreign Minister also told that he raised his concerns with the top members of the US administration during his visit to the US previous month.

The Irish diplomats had also been asked to monitor the effect of the new provisions on the number of travelling.

According to Mr. Flanagan, he was concerned that meeting the requirements for the new provisions might prove difficult for the students, and this might in turn put an effect on the number of students participating in the program.

The tough rules are being put into force as the US marks 50 years of the J-1 visa which had seen around 1,50,000 students travelling.

The US embassy in Dublin had said that it was entirely dedicated to its sustained success.

Other nations which are falling under this new job first provision are the France, the Czech Republic and the UK.

Agents would vet the employment offer and process the job papers before providing successful  J-1 applicants the access to thousands of the employers and invites to the hiring fairs.

The US embassy also told that the procedures for the J-1 students are already in effect and are enjoying the success in nearly every nation in the world.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny had claimed that the tough provisions can see around 60-80% drop in the student numbers on J-1s.

He gave the warning about risk of individuals visiting to the US on the holiday visas only to try to secure the work illegally.

According to the Students Union of Ireland, it expected an important drop in the numbers but also cautioned over the assessment of Taoiseach.  

The Ireland’s Union of Students, President, Kevin Donoghue, also said that he is in doubt whether all employers in all fields where J-1 Students work will have the capability of guaranteeing the job for the summer many months in advance.

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