Irish students must obtain the US job before getting J-1 Visas

November 12, 2015
Under this new rule which is introduced for the year 2016, all the students from Ireland should get the job before they visit the US and should also have those works vetted by the US administration.

This move has come despite the calls from Taoiseach Enda Kenny to the US President and to the American Ambassador to the  Ireland Kevin O'Malley.

Students will now require US jobs before getting J-1 visas

Mr. Kenny had spoken to ambassador on many occasions regarding the changes to J-1 Visa Program. According to him, he feared about the student numbers could decrease by up to 80% to avail the strict visa rules. 

The latest rules would also affect the travelling within the US for the students who get the work beforehand, limiting the chance of seeing different parts of the nation.
Over 8,000 students from Ireland have visited the US during the year on this program, which started way back in 1961. More Irish students than other nations get benefited of the visa every year, most of them choose to seek work in the US once they enter the country.

According to the president of the Union of Students in Ireland, Kevin Donoghue, when this J-1 program was launched, they saw a flow of students from Ireland travelling to the US on the summer working visa. The current changes in restrictions for the J-1 visa are disappointing.

He also said that it would be much difficult for the students to get the visa, and also thinks that they are going to see a decline in the student numbers who travel for pursuing education in the US.

According to Michael Doortey, Managing Director, the job replacement is the good news for almost 7000 students that travel to the US on J-1 work visa program. Thousands of qualified employers have lined up with many of approved jobs and this will remove the uncertainty from the students of worrying about the source of job on their arrival.

He said that the students’ reaction is positive and they have already registered and got on with the latest process. It is also good news for the parents, who will not have to fund their children while they look for the job.

He also said that the students will now get more time in advance to get accommodation, they can change to other jobs, and they are not stuck in the job they don’t like.

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