Irish students showing much interest in J-1visa despite of latest US job regulation

December 23, 2015
Despite a latest regulation that needs the J-1 applicants to secure jobs before arriving in the US, interest of the students from Ireland in the visas for the year 2016 working holidays in the US has been doubled since previous year.

As per a student travel body, it has received enormous number of questions from the students who seek to travel to the US next year.  The firm has totally turned down the concerns that the latest visa will harm the well-liked program for working holiday.

Irish students showing much interest in J-1visa despite of latest US job regulation

According to the travel body’s manager, interest is vast, and they had been blown away by the huge attendance all over the country. The last minute applications are now past thing as visa processing can take up to two times as long as in past years, as long as a year, because of the latest job approval procedures.

This J-1 visa program that lures thousands of students from Ireland every year would experience a drastic change for the year 2016 as the applicants would for the foremost time ever be needed to secure a US job before their arrival to the US.

The latest rule was introduced by the J-1 visa’s US sponsors. As per State Department’s spokeswoman, the department has nothing to do with the reform, but the sponsors had the judgment for implementing the particulars of the J-1 program.

The J-1 summer work and tourist visa program is immensely popular among the students from Ireland for many years, with around 8,000 every year traveling to different cities all over the US. Many of them travel to the areas of resort for the seasonal work and although they had been grated in the previous with securing job and accommodation, the J-1 visa is still in demand choice for the students from India who look to spend a summer abroad.

Ireland has one of the biggest J-1 visa granting rates in the world, and the job need would drastically change how the program is administered, the two agencies of Ireland contracted for processing the visas in Ireland.  

The latest amend would not only influence Ireland but also the visa applicants for J-1 from around 37 nations that are accepted under the program for visa waiver, which permits for visa free traveling to the US for the period of three months for the qualified citizens.

The J-1 program had permitted the citizens from the visa waiver nations to enter the US without an employment offer.  In future, the citizens from any nation who seek to visit the US with the J-1 visa would require having pre arranged job.

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