Israel Eases Visa Policy for Indian Businessmen

April 09, 2017

Ahead of the Prime minister of India’s visit to Israel later in the year, the country of Israel has announced that it will begin to offer multiple entry permits for traders of Indian descent so as to improve the bilateral relationship between both nations.


The issuing of permits to Indians who hope to come into Israel has been a major talking point between the two nations for a while now.


A lot of Indian traders who have come into Israel in the past as a part of some business meetings or trade meetings have made their feelings known about the country’s permit laws and the officials in charge have related the issue to the Israeli government.


Sources disclosed that the decision made arrives in the midst of a budding relationship between the two nations as they commemorate the 25th anniversary of the beginning of their bilateral relationship.


The head of the tourism ministry in India said lately that the nation was seeking to reduce the stress associated with Indians acquiring permits especially for business trips in Israel.


“The process of applying for a permit is now smoother and we hope it would get even easier.


A visitor from the nation of India hoping to acquire a permit can acquire one that way and would not have any run-ins with the law,” the head of tourism in India disclosed.


The ministry of tourism in the country has also put forward applications to reduce permit restrictions on visitor groups from the country of India hoping to come into Israel due to its strategic value as a tourism destination for visitors.


“We do hope that this application will be approved in the future.


It would go a long way in reducing the waiting time spent to acquire a permit,” a representative of the tourism department stated. The trade relationship between the two countries has experienced a significant rise of close to $4.5 billion, a rise from the $200 million that was obtainable in the year 1992.


The increase has however been stagnated recently with some people attributing it to permit laws being put in place to check the issuance of permits. Prime minister of India’s travel to Israel is being looked forward to with great attention and is primed to hold in July.

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