Israel grants 'E-2 investor visas' for Entrepreneurs who are willing to move to US

April 04, 2014
 Israel grants 'E-2 investor visas' for Entrepreneurs
At the beginning of this week, the government of Israel has approved E-2 investor visa that has been expected for a long period of time. This would allow the entrepreneurs of Israel to establish their business in America.
The ‘Treaty Investor’ visa’ or the ‘E-2 ‘ visa would authorize the individuals to go to the United States to invest in an existing or a new business. It is only necessary that the financier has to provide evidence that the established business would create profit and also that it would provide work/jobs for the Americans.

The head of US Immigration at KAN-TOR and ACCO, Cindy Azoulay has said that the investment has to be substantial. Additionally, the investment can be either in the form of equipment, stock or cash. It is required that the investor has to provide the business plan in detail that would describe the cost of the business and in what way it would be funded.

E-2 Investor visas are similar to work visas in one way. Even the spouse can work under this visa. Children who are under the age of 21 and unmarried can travel alongside.
E-2 Investor visa that is valid for a period of 5 years can be renewed, but it would not be granted if there is any intention of migrating to the US. One has to prove that he/she would not be staying in the country forever. Other visa categories would authorize the individual to prove that he/she has an intention of immigrating to the country but the E-2 Investor visa would be more difficult to get, if in case one has filed an application for Green Card. E-2 would not authorize the individual to do that.
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