Italian government eases visa rules for Chinese applicants

April 14, 2014
Italy eases visa rules for chinese
It is anticipated that there would be a substantial increase in the number of visitors from China planning to visit Italy, during the coming months for the purpose of tourism or business, following the decision taken by the government of Italy to simplify the process of visa.

Through the relaxed visa process the citizens of China at present are permitted to file their applications of visa at the Embassy of Italy in Beijing or at the consulate general nearer to their residence area. This newly introduced visa rule has come into effect on 12th April, 2014.
According to the old rule, Chinese have to file their applications exclusively at the Embassy of Italy or at the consulate general inside the household registration or temporary residence permit of the applicant.

However, the newly introduced rule spares the applicants, in particular who have migrated to the city for the sake of employment, from moving large distance towards their household registration.

A bank Teller, who wants to file his application for Italian passport for the purpose of visiting Europe, said that it is extremely convenient on his part, due to the reason that his household registration is very a long way from Shanghai, where he is presently employed.

The newly introduced rule by Italian government intended for the Chinese applicants has followed UK, which has also streamlined the visa rules for Chinese applicants so as to attract more no of Chinese tourists to enter their country.

Few other countries across the globe are setting up number of visa and travel rules with the intention of attracting more number of tourists from China.
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