Italy attracts students with its recently expanded program

January 16, 2015
Business entrepreneurs to benefit from Italy’s visa program

Italy has come up with a Startup Visa program, especially for wannabe innovators. Beginning from June of last year, this visa is aimed at non-Europeans with great startup ideas. This program recently underwent an overhaul to include students studying overseas in Italy, an opportunity to stay in the country to start a business. Those applying for this visa type can do so directly to Italy's Ministry of Economic Development or accelerate the process through support by an authorized Italian startup incubator.

This Mediterranean country’s GDP was consistently dipping in 2014, because of which the Government of Italy has been on the look-out for new means to make the economy thrive. Italy’s youngest ever prime minister, Matteo Renzi’s government is hopeful that these new businesses will remain in the country and be a major boost to economy.

The Italian government is well-aware that attracting these businesses has a competitive perspective. The other countries which have special visa categories for entrepreneurs are The Netherlands, U.K., Canada, Spain and Ireland. Out of all these countries, the Italian visa program is most easily obtainable. It requires an investment of 50,000 euros from a guardian investor. The ministry is also highlighting Italy’s superiority in the areas of fashion, tourism and food, along with its cultural heritage. The SME manufacturing base is an added bonus for startup pioneers.
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