Jamaica waives visa requirements for 23 countries

May 26, 2014
Jamaica waives visa requirements for 23 countries

Jamaica has announced that 23 countries, of which 16 are European countries and seven Latin American nations, do not need visas to travel to the country. This initiative is expected to increase the country's tourism product.

Earlier, the conditional visa waiver was also approved by cabinet to all the citizens of selected countries for the purpose travelling to Jamaica for a 30-day- period.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, El Salvador, Belarus, The Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Latvia, Macedonia, Honduras, Romania, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, the Republic of Serbia, Peru, Guatemala, Slovenia, and Bulgaria are the different nations, for which visa waiver is approved.

An individual should have a valid visa from Canada, US, UK or the Schengen region to get the benefits of visa waiver.

People of 16 European countries should provide evidence that they are vaccinated against polio, rubella and measles and the people of Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay should provide a proof that they are immunized against yellow fever.

According to chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Dennis Morrison, in search to enter into the new market Jamaica is targeting the countries in Europe and Latin America because there is a strong interest in the local product as per surveys.

He also argues that due to the visa requirements many people might be frighten from visiting Jamaica.

For the people of china the visa requirements were waived in February by Jamaica. After two years the country will review visa waiver program for the Latin American and European countries.

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