Japan hit the record of 1.5 million visitors in March 2015

April 28, 2015
Japan  hit the record of 2.0 million by 2016

Tourism officials in Japan have lately promulgated the new count of overseas visitor arrivals to the country. For the first time Japan has accounted 1.5 million visitors in the half of March month. Japan, which is striving hard to attract 20million visitors by 2020 has set to lure 20 million visitors by the year end of 2016. As per the new records of the country Japan has hit the record of 1.526 million in March 2015, which is an incredible rise compared to previous year count. Furthermore, overseas visitors’ arrivals from the provinces UK, Germany, US, Hong Kong and Vietnam is quite high when compared to other 13 areas.

Chinese travelers have remained has a biggest share, with the count of 338,200 followed by Taiwan with 277,900. Few of the concerned sources of the nation stated that the bilateral relationships between Japan and China are surging day by day. Moreover, during the first quarter of 2015, around 181,200 Thailand visitors arrived to Japan, i.e. the country has seen a steady rise in the count of visitors by 36.6%.

For the new Golden Week celebrations that are going to be held between the 28th of April and 6th May, the flight reservations among countries airlines has reached the count of 470,000, i.e. it has accounted a steady surge of 17%. The Japanese government is also planning to enhance the count of overseas travelers by exploring its provinces scenic’s compared to other neighboring big cities of Kyoto and Tokyo.

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