Japan Plans to Welcome Skilled Immigrants

June 13, 2016
The Japanese policy makers are looking to frame a policy for bringing foreign workers to counter the rapidly growing – aging population, without naming it as an actual immigration policy. 

Japan Plans to Welcome Skilled Immigrants

Japanese Conservatives give high importance to the cultural homogeneity and they fear of losing votes of the workers who feel insecure with the new policy.  

Stringent labor policies and decreasing workforce have compelled the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s team to consider new immigration policy. 

"Domestically, there is a big allergy. As a politician, one must be aware of that," Takeshi Noda, an adviser to the LDP panel, told Reuters in an interview.

Japan immigration history is little, and the foreign nationals in Japan workforce are negligible.  The people believe in preserving the ethnic and cultural diversity. 

Though Japan did not embrace migrants in large scale, the present situation of mass migration in the United States and European countries may impact the Japanese and their view on immigration. 

The Japanese lawmakers had proposals on immigration a decade ago, but nothing turned into reality. The demographic needs have become severe, and the shortage of skilled force has worsened in the country. 

More Progressive and liberal Shinzo Abe took charge in December 2012 and the responsibility of rebuilding Japan drove him to introduce significant policies that helped to integrate and increase foreign workers by 40% in 2013. 

Ahead of Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Japan needs more labor, and the demand is highest in the last 24 years. 

Foreign workers in Japan make up only 1.4 percent, quite low according to the IMF estimates. The International workforce in advanced economies constitutes to 5 percent or more in the total labor force.

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