Japanese Immigration requires immigrant employees

May 07, 2016
Japan is anxious to lure more overseas employees. In an attempt to deal with the country’s ageing population of workforce. Japan is exploring more options for bringing in additional employees from abroad. 

Japanese Immigration requires immigrant employees

Immigration is a very fragile matter in Japan, where Conservatives gives value to the cultural uniformity and most of the politicians fears of losing the elections from employees who are concerned about losing their jobs.  In a situation of tight and shrinking work force, the government of Japan is seriously considering this matter.

A plan has been proposed to enlarge the types of employments that are available to the foreign employees and double the number of overseas employees from 1 to 2 million.

Japan has been witnessing an economic upturn since the Prime Minister Abe take hold of the office in the year 2012, as an outcome of rebuilding job in the year 2011 followed by Tsunami and now the boom in construction sector before 2020 Olympics that has to be taken place in Tokyo.  These ventures have pushed the demand of labor in Japan to its highest in twenty four years.

This has contributed to the development of number of overseas employees by 40% since 2013. With citizens from China making one third of that and citizens from Philippines, Brazil and Vietnam. Limitations in visa for Japan means that foreign employees only account for 1.4% of the entire country’s work force.

Japan also lack of foreign employees and it is largely attributed towards its restriction on visa imposed on unskilled employees.

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