Jewish migration from New Zealand

January 21, 2014

Jewish migration from New Zealand

Recent reports that have been carried out in New Zealand has revealed that over two hundred and fifty immigrants from both Australia and New Zealand left the countries and moved to Israel during 2013.

The report that was carried out by the Jewish agency for Israel and the Israel ministry of immigration and absorption have seen a massive influx of migrants entering their country, not just from New Zealand, but all over the world. However, the number of migrants entering the country from Australia and New Zealand is up on previous years. The number of French migrants was up by sixty three percent.

It does seem that many Jews now see Israel as their home and so are migrating there in their thousands from all over the world. The number of Jewish Australians and New Zealanders who migrated to Israel in 2013 was up by forty six percent. In 2012 a hundred and eighty two Jewish New Zealanders and Australians migrated to Israel.

The Jewish faith is one of the world's biggest and oldest faiths.  The recent report about immigration and the number of Jewish people from other countries entering Israel also highlights that the majority of the migrants who are entering the country from around the world are young people, young Jews who still see Israel as their home, as a Jewish person. Sixty percent of migrants were under thirty five years of age.

Individuals who migrated and are between the ages of eighteen and thirty four account for thirty seven percent of the migrants who entered throughout 2013. The eldest migrant was aged one hundred and three - he was a man from the United States of America, the youngest migrant was also from the U.S.A and was a mere five weeks old.

The majority of the migrants were women. The report also showed that thousands of the migrants who entered Israel from all over the world were professional people, graduates of the humanities, science, and more than seven hundred migrants were qualified doctors.

The main region of Israel that saw the highest number of migrants was Jerusalem. Around two thousand four hundred migrants entered Jerusalem in 2013.

There are still more migrants entering New Zealand on a daily basis that are leaving. The number of people entering Israel highlights that the Jewish faith and community is as it always has been a major faith that millions follow all around the world.

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