Job vacancies in Canada reach 435,000 in the First Quarter of 2019

June 14, 2019
The report of Canadian Federation of Independent Business states that around 435,000 jobs in the private sector were vacant in the first quarter of 2019 in the country. There is moreover, a steady increase in the vacancy rate in Canada in the recent years. It is presently, 3.3%. The Quebec, BC and Ontario, provinces experienced high vacancy rates in the private business sector.

Job vacancies in Canada reach 435,000 in the First Quarter of 2019

Which are the sectors for Unfilled Jobs in Canada?

The job vacancy was significant for skilled positions in many provinces. The construction, agriculture, personal services, hospitality, transportation, and professional services industries had high vacancy rates. Quebec had a job vacancy rate of 4.1 percent, and was leading in the country where 120,800 jobs were not filled up in 2019.

International Skilled Workers in-Demand

Canada has a major problem because of ageing working population compounded with a low birth rate. There is a situation where more Canadians are retiring in comparison to the persons entering the work-force. The government aims to revitalise the workforce. Additionally, Canada is attracting international talent through a fast and easy process to obtain permanent resident status.

A huge majority of PR applications is processed under the Federal Express Entry within four months itself. Moreover, the immigration system gives a priority to economic immigration. There is a Federal immigration plan to accept more than one million immigrants in the next two years. Many of them will be young, as well as skilled workers.

Working Permanently in Canada

Obtaining significant, full-time work is a primary concern for all the new immigrants. The news of a high job vacancy rate in the country is great for all people intending to reach Canada and make it their home in 2019. Moreover, as per a report, the new immigrants reached a high employment rate in 2018. The Federal Express Entry presents a fast way for all the skilled workers, to obtain the permanent resident status in Canada. It is ideal for people possessing high education level, sufficient work experience and language proficiency in English/French. There is no requirement of a job offer for the Applicants nor do they need any prior connection to Canada for their success. It ends in obtaining the Canadian permanent resident. Finally, the holder can live and work in any part of the country for a long period.

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