Kuwait has stopped issuing visa to domestic workers from India

November 05, 2015
The Indian domestic workers and maids, who come in large numbers from the states like Tamilnadu for seeking the job in the Gulf region, would not be able to get the job in Kuwait. Kuwait has officially suspended granting of entry visas to domestic workers from India.

Kuwait has stopped issuing visa to domestic workers from India

It was confirmed by Sunil Jain, Indian Ambassador to Kuwait,  according to him,  Kuwait was the lone Gulf nation which fails to comply with the provision from the government of India that the overseas employers particularly from the Gulf countries  will now be required to pay $,500 as the bank guarantee for hiring the domestic workers from India.

Jain has reportedly informed the foreign ministry of Kuwait that its government has failed to comply with the rule by which the employers signs the contracts with the domestic workers from India to guarantee their security and rights. This was imposed by India in wake of number of news regarding the abuse by their employers in the Gulf nations.

In September month, India took the decision for asking the gulf nations for ensuring their citizens pay their security deposit after missions of India in the Gulf countries after receiving the complaints about the failure of salary payments, delay in salaries and harassment issues. All the gulf countries accepted the condition except Kuwait.

There are around 7,50,000 Indian citizens which also include 2,70,000 domestic workers working in Kuwait.

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