Labor will support the Australia - China FTA deal with right safeguarding measures

October 13, 2015
The Labor had proposed the safeguards for employment and increasing the lowest amount of salary that the foreign workers could be paid from $53,000 to $57,000 as price part for Opposition who are supporting the Agreement for China Free Trade.

Penny Wong who is the Labor senate leader and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had described the amendments that are proposed as reasonable corresponding safeguards for making sure that there’s nobody winners or losers in the FTA which was signed by Coalition.

Labor would be supporting trade deal with right safeguarded measures

The drafts amendments were emphasized by Ms. Wong that will be placed for comment from public and business are non-biased for the people of China and nothing. The proposal from Labor will directly be affecting the deal of FTA as signed. 

Australian Prime Minister Turnbull and Trade Minister Andrew Robb had replied by saying that the government will consider the proposal from Labor but asked the Opposition for agreeing the FTA before the year end.

According to the statement from the government, If FTA is legislated before December month, the tariffs of about $600 million would be erased even before another benefits round in the year 2016.

The Opposition was looking for the additional comfort around the protections that is already there in the agreement with China. –Said Mr. Robb.

He also said that the safeguarding measures that Bill Shorten and Penny Wong are talking about are the clear policy of the government and that they are embedded in the Immigration Department’s requirement. 

The proposal from the Labor will amend the system of 457 visa that will determine the admission of workers from China into Australia under FTA.

The system of 457 visa will now requires the employers who enter the Arrangement for Investment Facilitation (IFA) agreements for work under FTA to advertise the jobs locally before getting foreign workers. And the least amount base amount of pay for the workers under the 457 visa will be $57,000 yearly. The overseas workers in trades for example plumbing or electrical work should obtain the occupational license or registration within two months of arrival in Australia.

As of now there have been no formal discussions on the amendments that are proposed with Andrew Robb. – Said Ms. Wong.

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