Latest rules for Canada entry through airports

June 02, 2015
Current rules for entry of Canada through airports

If you want to check the new changes, or land at the airport with no permission to get in or if you are a fortunate traveler who does not need a visa in order to enter Canada on a visit. 

From next year march, it is not possible to get in via any of the country’s airport without having an approval before, even if a visa is not required by a visitor. Then this visitor needs to apply for an (ETA) Electronic travel authorization which announced the (CIC) Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

From March 15, 2016 this change will be into effect and travelers may apply first of August during this year. The CAD7 (DH20) fee is applicable and the application has to be submitted online. 

CIC pointed out that the  number of candidates proved inadmissible during their arrival, which increased to 7,055 in the year 2012-13.The authority said that this showed a great inconvenience, delay, and expense for the international candidates, government of Canada , and the airlines.

The ETA is valid for five years after it is granted till the visitor’s passport expires prior to the time, views ETA cancellation or gets a latest ETA.

A person who is a member in an organization of the terrorist will be prohibited to enter, participate in crimes which are against humanity, war crimes, organized crime group membership, criminality, foreign human rights violation or endangering issues of public health like tuberculosis.

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