Latest visa regulations would help the H-1B mobility

January 16, 2016
The US Homeland Security Department had published a latest proposed rule designed for making it easy for the immigrants with high skills who hold job visas for staying in the US if their job situations change.

Latest visa regulations would help the H-1B mobility

Earlier, many job visas were attached to the employer and a position. This means that the immigrant employees who wish to take other position or accepting a promotion should have to refuse their chance for fear of losing their lawful immigrant status.

Few of them had complained that it has made easy for the employers to importantly hold them with no prospect to move ahead.

Under the planned rules, holder of H-1B visas, that are effective for not more than six years would be able to petition to stay in the US after their visa expire if they are looking for the PR status of the green card. 

If any one hire H-1B visa holder, they would require reviewing the planned rules. Comments from public are open till 29th Feb 2016.

There is extended backlog of applications for green card, along with the strict quotas for granting them. Many employees has find themselves with expiring job visas before their green cards got approved. The wait presently relies on the nation from which the employees came, with separate limits for every country.

That could mean costly relocation back to their nation of origin as they wait for the approval. The present limit on the latest H-1B visas is at 65,000 every year. An extra 1,40,000 latest permanent job based visas are fixed every year.

Under the latest planned H-1B regulations, those residing in the US will be able to remain till their applications are reviewed.

According to the DHS, the latest regulations are meant for protecting the immigrant employees by permitting them to move with ease from an employer to another without deportation fear.

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