Leading Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio favouring increase in H-1B visa

October 09, 2015
According to the media report, Marco Rubio, Republican presidential candidate had favored a considerable increase in the H-1B visa numbers. He argued that in the US, there is high skilled manpower shortage. 

Leading Republican presidential candidate Rubio favouring increase in the H-1B visa

Marco Rubio is maintaining his ranking in top five in the crowded field of 17 candidates for Republican presidential campaign. He said that he wants to increase the number of H-1B visas in triple numbers, it’s a work visa which is sought after visa for IT professionals.

While putting forward the proposal of increasing number of visas, Rubio said that US is not experiencing any slump. And the US is experiencing massive restructuring of the economy.

Rubio said that if anyone is best at what he does, he doesn’t want to be here to live temporarily, rather he would prefer that they should be here permanently. And he wants to see that person becoming an American.

In addition of increasing the H-1B visas, Rubio also calls for broader improvement to the system of legal immigration.

Rubio is in favor of system of merit based that will give the people a way to citizenship. Now that move will benefit many Indian techies who are made to wait for getting their Green Card or the permanent residency due to the quota system which exists on country based.

Under the present laws, each year the US could allocate 65,000 H-1B visas and 20,000 additional visas to people who already have completed their education from the US in STEM subjects.

The number will fill in starting few days, and the government takes the alternative option of a computerized draw of lottery for determining the applicants who have succeeded.

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