Legal and cultural obstacles are making hiring of foreign students a challenge in St.Louis

September 14, 2015
Hiring of international students from might help in growth of many companies in St. Louis, but there are many legal and hurdles coming in their way. 

That’s according to the latest report from the researchers at St. Louis Mosaic Project and the University of Missouri-St. Louis (USML) , organizations that are aiming to make St.Louis as the most fast growing metro city for the immigrants by the year 2020.

Hiring of foreign students a challenge amid legal and cultural obstacles in St.Louis

The local companies are facing legal frustrations with the limited number of H1-B visas, which allows international student with training in STEM streams are allowed to live and work in the US.

According to the report, the government of US allows a maximum of 85,000 H -1B visas every year, out of which only 20,000 are available for the foreign students who have pursued either masters or a higher degree. However, Immigration and Customs Enforcement of US (ICE) received around 233000 applications during this year. Lottery has been used to know the fate of the international students. Leaving the hiring managers stress out as they take students through an emotional process.

The processing for H-1B visa has been in the middle of national debate on reforms of immigration. There are many questions about whether the shortage of STEM workers has been overstated.

The international student with STEM degree who is looking to work in St. Louis area can face many other obstacles even before an H-1B visa is granted to him. According to the report human resource professionals lack of training in cultural awareness in some parts of St.Louis companies.

Report also notes that the foreign workers can struggle to get incorporate in the workplace. Same situation results when foreign students get the job, but they don’t climb the ladder of management.

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