List of top countries that attracts skilled workers around the world

February 01, 2016
All over the globe, governments of every country targets to attract skilled employees. If any individual is a IT specialist, engineer, nurse or technician, they want to be in the wanted list of favorite immigration destinations. In the developed countries, these skilled employees are most likely to be welcomed.

List of top countries that attracts skilled workers around the world

The index has ranked the nations as per their ability for attracting the talent from all over the world. As per the chart, Switzerland is on top for attracting the skilled employees followed by Singapore and Luxembourg.

European nations are mainly well represented; especially the northern nations like Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Norway and Finland all have them have gained their position in the list of top ten.

The US is on the 4th, Canada on 9th, New Zealand on 11th and Australia on 13th position for attracting the skilled employees.

Few nations have been long standing desirable destinations with the selective priority provided to the high skilled employees like Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland and the US.

The skilled employees migration is increasingly becoming the temporary phenomenon. In the nations with the reputation as the settlement nation, the temporary migration is on the rise for study, project or a mission.  

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