Malaysia requires skilled workers to drive the economy

April 27, 2016
Malaysia is the most beautiful country and the best education hub of Asia.  Every year the country has produced many international graduates and skilled workers from its universities. The biggest problem is the shortage of human resource to work on its project creates a barrier to its financial growth.

Malaysia requires skilled workers to drive the economy

The furniture industry of Malaysia is largest in the world. The country bears a constant economy but still the rate of immigration is very less to this country. In February 2016, the government proposed to allow 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers into the country to provide them the job opportunities.

Shortage of employment is the biggest problems for many countries but in the case of Malaysia, the situation is complete reverse. Plenty of work is here, but no one is to take them. The statistic says that Malaysia has 2.1 million registers foreign workforce and the total workforce is 15.3 million. There are also 1 million illegal foreign workers in Malaysia.

The analysis also says that Malaysia is the largest importer of foreign workers in Asia. There are some major points for the crisis of employees. Many Malaysians are unwilling to do dirty, dangerous and challenging jobs. 

There are job vacancies for each domain in Malaysia, but the lack of workforce is the primary barrier to fulfilling it. The factors have an adverse impact on Malaysia’s labor-intensive industries. In one state, the palm oil company loses more than US$250 million annually due to only the shortage of workers. To avoid the shortfall government has introduced a scheme of 30 percent salary hike for the foreign workers who are employed in 3D jobs.

The government has introduced various policies to hire the foreign workers. The scarcity of skilled workers creates an impact in labor market demand. The economic and the financial condition of the country go downward. The government should pay attention towards this issue.

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