Many new citizens took the pledge on Australian Day

January 27, 2016
Over 16,000 individuals from 154 various nations became the citizens of Australia at as many as 400 ceremonies of citizenship countrywide on the occasion of Australian Day.

Peter Dutton, Immigration and Border Protection Minister had congratulated the new Aussies as they had taken the oath of loyalty and commitment to the nation.

Many new citizens took the pledge on Australian Day
According to the minister, Australian Day offers the chance for everyone to reflect honestly on what it means to be Australian.

He congratulated all the people who had become new citizens of Australia and told that these ceremonies bring communities together in the metropolitan and regional Australia and unites them with a bond.

He also said that the people should respectfully and publicly express the country pride, celebrate shared values and commit the determination of making Australia a better place for next generations to come. He also added that this is the chance to come and stand united together in Australian values and beliefs and also acknowledge of what it means to become a citizen of Australia.    

Around 3,387 individuals from 108 nations became citizens at 98 ceremonies in New South Wales and around 3,774 people from 113 nations took pledge in Victoria. In Queensland, as many as 4,312 people from 115 nations took the oath at 76 ceremonies, 3069 people from 109 nations at 80 ceremonies and 1175 from 74 nations at 37 ceremonies in Southern Australia.

The fresh citizens had joined over five million others who had selected to become citizens of Australia ever since the ceremony started taking place in the year 1949.

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