Many Travellers lower stress levels by moving abroad, says new report into New Zealand Immigration

October 01, 2013
Many Travellers lower stress levels by moving abroad, says new report into New Zealand Immigration
The aspect of working and living in New Zealand will be a huge culture shock absolutely for the better than what you're used to. In New Zealand you don't get the endless sprawl of high-density housing like rows of terraced streets or ugly tower blocks you find elsewhere, instead of being forced into a particular dwelling because it's all you can afford or all that's available near where you work, you have choices and a variety of housing options. With our communities throughout the island being much smaller you can expect your commute to and from work to be easier and quicker in general. Being able to leave for work at a decent hour and actually enjoy the commute, albeit short, will make a great difference to your day. Returning home less stressed on our quieter roads will take away that daily stress of traffic jams, road rage and worry of being late totally away. There is no rush hour here in comparison to other countries.

Living by a beach for example would be something just un affordable in other countries where as here it can be a dream come true at a price within your means. Even on the absolute outskirts of our Island you are still never more than an hour away from a town so you can feel like you are totally rural without the reality actually being so, meaning things from emergency medical treatment to a loaf of bread is never out of your reach. 

If you've ever enjoyed any of the award winning quality foods and wines we export to the world - wait till you get here! We're major producers of world famous pasture-fed lamb, venison and beef. Seafood, dairy products, fruit and vegetables are abundant and are about the same price as what you'd expect in your home country. Reflecting our increasingly multi-cultural society you'll find a good and growing range of ethnic restaurants and food outlets in our cities.

You can have a lot of New Zealand all to yourself thanks to our low population density, which means it's easy to get away from the crowds. There's little hustle and bustle even in our busier towns, excluding our capital, which is only as you'd expect. The lack of extremes in our climate makes it relatively easy to get into nature and enjoy our beautiful landscapes. We don't have the months of baking heat or intense snow that make it hard to get around.
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