Merit-Based Immigration Will Benefit US

May 21, 2019
The US President Donald Trump has made a remark regarding the merit-based immigration system which can help skilled persons, foreigners, and professional Indians to attain Green Cards or permanent residence in a legal way. After this decision of President, there is immigration reform. The quota of skilled workers is enhanced from 12 percent now to a robust 57 percent in the future.

Merit-Based Immigration Will Benefit US

The Proposition

Additionally, the plan proposes that the immigrants must learn English and also succeed in a civics exam before the admissions. The congressional approval will be ignored after the bitter political quarrel that divides the Democrats, presently in the majority in the House of Representatives, and the Republicans controlling the Senate.

Making the announcement US President stated the difficulties of the future when the plan is implemented effectively and becomes the law. He was projecting that the Republicans will be back to power and regain a Senate majority.

It was 54 years ago, that America revamped its immigration policies last.  Additionally, the present legal immigration system faces many challenges and has trouble attracting talented and capable youths.

A New System

He intends to have merit-based immigration in which the allotment of permanent residency will happen to the persons passing the civic sense exam. There will be points for age, professional knowledge, and job opportunities. According to him, there are only a few opportunities for researchers, doctors, and students in case of following the present system. Several big companies are moving to other countries. Furthermore, the US is helpless because of immigration rules that do not help in retaining the top skilled professionals.

Also, these Presidential changes will benefit many Indians who seek H-1B visa.

Presently, people with a family, get 66 percent of the Green Cards. Students not having a relative in the US do not succeed and go back home. He made an observation that only 12 percent of immigrants are successful in selection on the basis of skills in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


The President also remarked that this proposal is in favor of America, benefits the immigrants, and is pro-worker also. He explained that this change will lead to the halting of illegal immigration and result in a fully secured border. These will help in protecting the American wages and also promote America values besides attracting the best talents from across the world.

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