Migrants are easy prey to scammers in NZ

January 11, 2014

Migrants are easy prey to scammers in NZ

Many migrants decide on a new life in a different country, which country they choose can depend on the individual and their circumstances as well as connections that they have with or in a certain country. For instance an individual that chooses New Zealand may do so for the health benefits that the country can offer, the scenery, the education system and low crime level. Alternatively they may have been offered a job in the country, if they have a skill that the country is in vital need off, or family connections. There are varied reasons why New Zealand is so popular with migrants. This country has always seen a high influx in immigration, from the first settlers to people arriving each day today. Most have a stress free, positive experience when they choose to migrate and obtain a visa, but others are not so lucky.

There are a high number of migrants entering New Zealand on a daily basis, some knowing what they need to do and some who have a small idea. There are a lot of agencies available to help migrants with their visa applications and subsequent move to the country, most are genuine with a desire to help and advice for a price. Others are not genuine and will charge, a lot more in some cases as they know migrants are easy prey and are so targeted by these deceitful agencies and unfortunately fall victim to fraud. If a person claims to offer immigration advice and charges for it they can be prosecuted.

Vulnerable migrants are being defrauded by these people for thousands of dollars, unknowingly they are trusting the immigration advice agencies to help them and provide information for the visa application form. If an advisor claims to be licensed and offers their services as a licensed adviser how would a migrant looking for help know they were not genuine? They would not and this is where the problem lies. An individual who does this will be prosecuted as they are fraudulently gaining money of unsuspecting migrants.

A recent report has discovered that this is at an all time high.

The immigration advice authority is an organisation that was set up so protect any individual/migrant that wished to receive New Zealand immigration advice.

There are certain points that the authority cover which give migrants protection in this matter.

Advisers are issued with a licence, there is a code of conduct that must be followed as well as competency standards. Any individual who uses a advisor has the right to complain if they feel they need to and the authority will handle that complaint. They will also investigate anyone who they believe are acting without a licence and defrauding migrants or if they have been told about this behaviour.

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