Migrants from the UK are among highest earners in Australia

December 04, 2015
According to the latest information, it shows that incomes of the migrants in Australia depend on the type of visa they have used to come to the country, and their birth place, gender and the total number of jobs they does.

Australia had the varied range of migrants but in the year 2010-11, the most latest statistics which are available have revealed that the skilled workers who came to work in Australia were from the countries like the UK, China and India and they had constitute around 49%.

Migrants from the UK are among highest earners in Australia

According to the information released by the Statistics Bureau of Australia (ABS), Immigrants who came from the UK are reportedly the highest earners with around $10 billion of income, next to them are the migrants from India, who had came to work in Australia with $6.5 billion. 

The statistics had also revealed that the immigrant taxpayers who are skilled had contributed around $32 billion which makes around 72% of the entire $45 billion in the income of immigrants in the year 2010-11.

It was also revealed that the immigrants from China had received around $3.3 billion in their entire earnings, out of which around $3 billion was employee’s earning.  Around 70% of the immigrant taxpayers from China who accounted employee earning were in the stream of skilled workers.

Another case study had revealed that the immigrants who were having over one job with family or skilled visa had recorded a drop in their employee earning.

Almost two-thirds of the immigrants taxpayers are had a skilled visa as they ages were between 25 and 44 years.

The information also revealed that the migrant taxpayers who are skilled had generated around 65% or around $1.5 billion of the entire personal unincorporated business earning and around $788.9 million in the investment earning which is around 62% of the entire, and around 35% were mostly employed as the professionals with almost 11% of them as managers.

The skilled migration program of Australia aims at the immigrants with high skills who use their attributes and skills for contributing in the economy, demography and social security of Australia. 

This skilled stream permits for the entry of the workers who are sponsored by the employers along with those who qualifies on their own. Immigrants who are skilled are well educated, and they have soaring level of proficiency in the English language. English proficiency could play a vital role for achieving the job in the employment market.

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