Migrants would make biggest share of increase in workers by 2020

December 09, 2015
According to the Treasury watchdogs, migrants in the UK would make up the major share of increase in the individuals in work.

The Budget Responsibility Office (OBR) had anticipated that the number of people who would be working in the UK would jump by 1.1 million to a record breaking 32.2 million by the year 2020.

Migrants would make biggest share of increase in workers by 2020

According to the OBR Chairman, Robert Chote, around three quarters of that will come up from the migration. That equalizes to around 8,25,000 increase in migrants who are working from now to the year 2020. 

Mark Garnier, Tory Committee Member had blamed the UK Government of creating the confusion over its policy of immigration that the government seek to minimize the arrivals while depending on them for powering the economy of the country.

According to Mr. Garnier, around 8,00,000 is a big migrants number we require to depend on for meeting the economic forecast of the UK. Migrants also bring benefits but if anyone take a look at the policy of slashing the net migration on one hand and needed these figures of migrants to meet the economic forecast, on the other hand, there is some confusion about this issue.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron had promised to cut down the yearly net migration rate to tens of thousands.

But according to National Statistics Office, the net migration would be over 1.1 million till the year 2019-20. The population has increased by 2.3 million to around 67.4 million in that period.

Additional jobs would enhance the growth, supporting the Chancellor George Osborne’s statement which stated the proposals for a excess of 10 billion pounds in the year 2019-20.

Both Mr. Osborne and Theresa May have been tussling over the latest controls on the overseas students who seek to study in the UK. According to Nick Timothy, who worked for Theresa May had said that the government is not trying to slash down the record migration.

Many experts feels that if the migration drops to below 1,80,000 per year from around 3,33,000 previous year. Mr. Osborne will miss his aim for getting Britain back on track.

Chairman of MigrationWatch, Lord Green had said that this is the vital proof that many of the extra jobs that are being created are going in the hands of immigrants. This is adding to the country’s economy, and it is also pleasing the Treasury but at the same time it is also making Britain more crowded.

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