Migration boom in New Zealand reaches 50,000 for the first time

February 28, 2015
New Zealand welcomes migrant individuals from overseas nations

The boom in the migration sector witnessed an all-time record profit of almost 51,000 individuals in 2014. However, the speed with which immigrants were coming has diminished since December. A net migration value has been created by more people arriving and lesser leaving New Zealand and heading for Australia. As per statistics, figures have shown that 50,900 migrants have come year in one calendar year.

In December, the net inflow of migrants was 4,100 which were lower than October’s figure of 5,200 as lesser number of foreigners arrived at New Zealand, mostly on student visas. In the mid-2000s, migration figures reached its peak with 4,700. According to forecasts, the trend of 5,000 migrants per month will continue for some time more. Thus, approximately 60,000 immigrants are expected to come here this year. 

There are seasonal factors involved in making this trend a little difficult to assess. December is a month which shows a slow influx in student arrivals. Their numbers begin to rise again in the months of January and February. However, irrespective of this trend, Indian students were still coming here in high numbers without ceasing. During the entire year of 2014, the new migrants who reached here were approximately 110,000 which rose up by 16% from the previous year.

Migrants mostly arrived here throughout the year from India, Britain, China and the Philippines. Simultaneously, the people moving out of the country in the previous year dipped almost to 20% which was around 60,000. This has resulted in housing rates going up in Auckland by more than 13%. In the year 2013, student and work visa categories, rose up to 7,500 and 3,200 respectively. Most of the migrants arriving here on student visas from India had gone up by 4,400.

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