Migration to New Zealand has hit a new high

May 16, 2016
Net migration in New Zealand is at its high level with over 1,24,000 individuals arriving in the country, looking to reside permanently or for longer period of time. During similar duration around 56,450 individuals had migrated in the country, resulting in a net gain of around 67,619 individuals more migrating to the country which is the biggest one year statistics for any duration  in minimum  38 years.

Migration to New Zealand has hit a new high

Migration rate is the number of individuals who reside for over a year, minus those who had immigrated. One quarter of arrivals were by citizen of New Zealand who were away from the country since many years. 

Immigration was the overwhelming beneficial to the country, and assisted in creating a dynamic and diverse culture.

Compared to the month of March in the year 2014, many immigrants had visited the country from 30 to 33 countries this year.

Migration figures from neighboring country Australia was 25,000, with most of them likely to return New Zealand. Over 45,000 individuals had arrived from Asian countries and around 27,000 individuals had arrived from European countries.

The list of people from the countries who had migrated permanently and for longer period of time for this year end March 2016 were as follows Australia with 25,767, India with 13,486 people had migrated to New Zealand from India,  from UK around 13,445, from China around 11,722, from Philippines around 5476, from the US around 4326 and from Germany around 4033 people had migrated to New Zealand.

Arrivals to New Zealand by Type of visa were through work visa around 38,620 people had migrated into New Zealand, on student visa around 27,704 people had arrived in the country and on residence visa around 14,735 people had migrated to New Zealand.

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