Millennials Spend Freely and Complain the Loudest

October 16, 2013

Millennials Spend Freely and Complain the Loudest

A new study conducted by Harris Interactive for Expedia has taken a look at the future of travel. The survey covered 24-countries and explored the different generations’ attitude towards business and leisure travel. The survey showed how younger people were more likely to travel, had less fears about spending their money, and if they really felt the need, they would also be the ones to complain the loudest.

More than 8,000 people were interviewed in total and asked about the business and leisure travel habits, asked what they liked and didn’t like, and also asked to detail any of their “pet peeves” about traveling.

Residents from all around the world – including Canada – were interviewed as part of the survey.

The study aimed to find out how young travellers will affect the “travel landscape” as their employment power and personal spending power increases. Although it wasn’t the aim of the survey, the results also demonstrate just how important immigrants or people travelling on a visa are to a countries’ economy as they spend money and use services as they travel around.

According to the study, “Millennials” or – people aged from 18-30 year old – from Canada and America travel far more than anyone, and will make an average of 7.8 trips a year. This age group were also the most likely to travel purely for leisure; figures showed that they would take 4.2 leisure trips a year.

The research showed that Millennials from Canada and America were far more likely to combine business and leisure, with 70% stating that they would turn a business trip and extend it into a leisure trip.


The survey also showed that younger people are also more likely to complain if there are dissatisfied with anything when they travel the world. If they don’t like the air flights, hotels, transport or the rental company, then the 18-30 age groups were far more likely to go online and voice their dissatisfaction, and would leave a negative review online.

Mobile Devices

It was also shown that younger travellers were more likely to depend on new technology than older travellers. Many young travellers said that they depended on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to keep in touch while they are on their travels.

Business Travel Expenses

It was also revealed that some younger travellers would be happy to put expenses such as expensive meals on the business account, rather than spend their own money.

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