More International Workers and Students Prefer Canada over the US

September 18, 2019
Canada is presently getting preference over the US and More companies, top skilled overseas workers and global students owing to the restraining and frustrating policies on immigration of the US.  

More International Workers and Students Prefer Canada over the US

A recent study on Canada Jobs

As per a recent study, many US employers are keen to increase their presence in Canada. 63% of the employers are opting for a better presence in Canada, by sending additional workers, or by hiring overseas nationals. US employers feel that immigration policies in Canada are favorable to them in comparison to the US policies. 38% of the employers participating in a survey stated that they were devising expansion plans in Canada and 21% of them already have an office based in Canada.

Additionally, the federal agencies in US are making obtaining citizenship hard for immigrants and Canada is gradually emerging as a smart alternative for expert immigrants owing to its welcoming policies. Furthermore the applicants of US citizenship have to wait for a long time. There is a growth in Requests for Evidence after policy changes and naturalization interviews.

A backlog of 700,000 in US Jobs

The report indicates that there is a backlog of 700,000 applications of citizenship in the USA. A few experts are unhappy about the changes believing that if legal immigrants cannot become accepted US citizens, it would affect the civil and voting rights, rights, and adversely impact the democratic process.

In these circumstances, US companies are opening Canadian affiliates and are transferring the overseas workers for a longer duration. The accomplished workers prefer Canada increasingly over the US because spouses can work in the country by gaining open work permits. Furthermore, the children also get a chance of studying in public schools and there is a universal public health cover for the family.

Other facts and issues of Canada Citizenship:The permanent residence pathway and Canadian citizenship is clear and fast for skilled workers in comparison to the US. The Global Skills Strategy launched has also accelerated the hiring and processing of application for overseas workers. Canada also allows many work permit categories saving the employers from the bulky task to get the approval of the labor market.

The global students are choosing Canada. While their enrollment in US universities had a decline of 6% in the Academic Year 2017-2018, Canadian universities successfully attracted global students. In 2018, the increase in international students was by 16%.

Canada today is a favorite destination for all categories of skilled workers and they can start a new life in it. We offer all Knowledge to migrate to Canada and you can contact us. 

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