More Russians are playing with the Green Card Lottery of the US despite the propaganda

October 13, 2015
The number of Russian citizens who entered into the competition of winning the US permanent residency has risen to 58% with almost 10,000 people since the year 2012. According to an agency report that cited Will Stevens, Spokesman, US Embassy.

According to Stevens, around 2,65,086 people take part in the 2015 green card lottery by the US State Department when compared to the 1,67,600 in the year 2012.

More Russians playing with the Green Card Lottery of the US despite the propaganda

Russian citizens who are keen to win the green card of the US, as it is known as the permit for permanent residency has gone up despite all the propaganda.

Over 4,000 Russians have won the green cards in the last year lottery, although many winners did not went up to take the permanent residency permit.

The embassy also expected the growth this year also with regard to the number of immigration visas issued. Since the year 2011, the immigration visa numbers issued have been decreasing, probably due to the 2012 year law of banning adoption of the orphans from Russia by the US citizens.  – As told by Stevens.

He said that the tourist visa number has been decreased due to the economic decline and the weak ruble.  The visas for tourists that were granted to the Russians for three years have also contributed to the decrease. People do not apply for the new visas as often as previously.

The government of Russia has raised the concerns about the Russian citizen becoming the US nationals. Previous year Russia had cancelled the popular FLEX program that has seen more than 8,000 high school students from Russia studying in the US.  Its main purpose was attracting the bright students and makes them stay in the US.

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